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April 11th, 2018 Litter

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A great match...


Ruby - 1/2 Border Collie x 1/2 Hanging Tree



Buster - his Sire was 1/2 Border Collie (named Colt)

and he's out Bonnie who's line consisted of mixed breeds

Heeler, Border Collie, Aussie

and a half Lab grandsire!


This is Ruby & Buster's First Litter...

These two pups are For Sale as over 1 yr old...

working cattle dogs...

See more photos and info below...


Roanie - spayed female - $800                             Big Red - intact male - $1,000




Blaze - Red/White Male - Docked Tail - Slightly longer hair than the rest - $400


For Sale






Big Red - Intact Male - Docked Tail - only white is a narrow strip on his chest.

All vaccinations are up to date.  Includes 3 Puppy Shots/boosters & his Rabbies.

Price:  $1,000 (Summer 2019)

                                                       Big Red, go get her!     Watch 'em try to work...lol!!



Pistol challenging the old cow.

8/26/18                              7/14/18


Pistol - male, long tailed, short haired.


Ruby Jr. -  Female - $400

White tipped tail, frosty 15 hairs on neck.



For Sale



August 2018                                          June 2018


8/3/18 - Big Red, Roanie and Pistol - testing the old cow!

7/29/18 - Roanie and one of our heifers

ROANIE - Spayed Female - long tail

Price:  $800
Solid, dark red tail.  Roaning on inside of hind legs.

6/20/18 - Opps!!  Run!!!!!!! Bobbi, Big Red, Pistol



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