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November 7th, 2016 Litter

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Bonnie is the mother to this litter. 

She is a 2007 working cow dog. 

She is a mix of Heeler, Border Collie,

Australian Shepherd and Black Labrador. 

She has a natural bob tail and often

produces it in her offspring. 

Short sleek coat and plenty of

stamina for a long days work.


8/8/17 - Calf testing out Bonnie


Sire to this litter...

 Bricker is a pure-bred Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler). 

Although he did not get the chance to work cattle,

we believe that his pups will work just fine. 

He shows the classic 'Bentley white mark' on his

forehead and tan color on his legs and eye brows. 


Already SOLD Puppies from this litter...



I called him Chocolate Charlie...

he's still around in the area and an intact male.

If you are interested in talking to his owner,

send me an email.  Isn't he a cool Heeler!!

E-mail Me




Ringo has become our keeper pup. 

Look for future Ringo sired litters!

Red Merle Male with long tail and the Bentley white mark on his forehead.

1st vaccination (12/28/16) and wormings.  2nd vaccination - 1/25/2017.


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